Song for Today: Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Behold Our God by Jonathan, Meghan, Ryan Baird, and Stephen Altrogge, 2011.


Behold our God seated on His throne
Come, let us adore Him.
Behold our King! Nothing can compare
Come, let us adore Him!

Observe: As Israel faced exile, the prophet Isaiah answers two questions God’s people always have in the face of hardship. The first is, “Does God want to deliver us, or has he given up on us because of our persistent sin?” His answer in Isaiah 40, vss. 1-11 is a resounding, “Yes!” Not only does God want to deliver us, he will restore us completely. 

Behold, the Lord God comes with might, and his arm rules for him; behold, his reward is with him, and his recompense before him. (Isaiah 40:10, ESV). Will God save us? Behold our God.

The second question stems from the first, “Can God deliver us?” Again, Isaiah answers in vss. 12-31 with two parallel stanzas in another resounding, “Yes.”

To whom then will you compare me, that I should be like him? Says the Holy One. Lift up your eyes (to the stars) and see: who created these? He who brings out their host by number, calling them all by name; by the greatness of his might and because he is strong in power, not one is missing.” (Isaiah 40:25–26).

Verse 1, in today’s song, recounts the Lord’s words in Isaiah. Can God deliver us? Answer. “Who has held the oceans in his hand, or numbered every grain of sand? Will God deliver us? Answer. “Kings and kingdoms tremble at his voice; all creation rises to rejoice” (in his deliverance).

Chorus: Behold our God, seated on his throne, come let us adore him!

Verse 2 speaks of God’s eternal and infinite wisdom, and answers the third question that stems from the first two, “How will God save us?”

The issue is our persistent sin. The solution is counterintuitive and is given in verse 3.

“Who has felt the nails upon His hands? Bearing all the guilt of sinful man?
God eternal humbled to the grave, Jesus, Savior risen now to reign!”

How will God save us? Through pure love. The love that enabled Jesus to face the cross with joy (Hebrews 12:2). The love of the Father, Son, and Spirit for helpless sinners needing grace. (Ephesians 2:8).

Life is in the blood; the wages of sin is death, so life can only come by shed blood to turn away God’s wrath for sin. Perfectly obedient to his Father’s will for our salvation, Jesus saves his people in the only way possible, by his infinite life surrendered willingly to death to give us eternal life and complete righteousness. 

And he said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give from the spring of the water of life without payment.” (Revelation 21:6).

“Behold our King. Nothing can compare, come, let us adore him!”


Pastor Don 


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