Christian Family Fellowship Church in Santa Rosa California was founded in 1987. We are a non-denominational, Reformed Baptist church located just outside of the Coffey Park neighborhood in northwest Santa Rosa California.

We are a bible reading, bible preaching church adhering to the Doctrines of Grace and the 5 Sola’s developed during the reformation period.

Name’s are important and our name says a lot about what you will see when you visit.


Christ Himself is the very life of our church.  Everything we do as a body of believers revolves around Him.  This church is His church—Jesus Christ is the Lord here because He is the Alpha and Omega of our lives.  He is our Savior, our Redeemer and our King.  As a group of people who have believed upon Christ, we love Him, follow Him, obey Him and serve Him.  We are all about Christ!


We are family by our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  His spiritual life invigorates our people and our church.  The truth of His Word and His love knits our hearts together.  Despite our many differences of family background, education, business, and social standing, we are one in Christ.


Is the way we define our theological and historical distinctive.  We are Reformed and Baptistic which means we stand in fellowship with people who hold to the great tradition that extends back through the sixteenth century English Reformation to the Apostolic foundation of the first century church.  Therefore we believe in the full inspiration and authority of Scripture, salvation by grace alone, the baptism of believers only by immersion, the priesthood of believers, the eternal security of the redeemed, and more. These are the primary God-exalting truths that mark our identity.


The word “church” is the English word for what the Bible describes as those who are “the called out ones”. Accordingly, Christian Family Fellowship is made up of people who have been called out of darkness by the power of God into the light of His kingdom.  We have been drawn by the Spirit into fellowship with Christ.  Our members are in the world, but no longer of the world.  We are the church; believers called Christians in Family together as a Fellowship around the centrality of Jesus Christ and His gospel of salvation.

Christian Family Fellowship is our name but it is more than merely a name. We are a congregation who have been redeemed by Christ, who support one another in loving fellowship, who hold to the historic creeds and doctrines of the Christian church and who are called out of the world to be the church of God.

Is this the kind of church of which you want to be a part?  If so, we hope you’ll visit soon!!!
The Elders of Christian Family Fellowship

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