Leaders and Staff

Pastor Steve Wadleigh

Steve is was born and raised in central California in a non-Christian family.  He was “born again” in 1970 at the age of 13 while visiting a church with his aunt. Steve was the first in his immediate family to come to saving faith in Christ, but in the next three years his mother, sister…

Pastor Don Strand

Don was raised in a Christian home in the mid-west and heard the gospel many times before he was called to saving faith in 1997. God’s call led Don to begin using his background as an engineer and business executive in a “second career” of Christian ministry. He began as the Director of a Christian…

Adam Schneider

The Technical Services Deacon oversees the information technology and website ministries that are so important to our church. The volunteers who serve in these ministries strive to achieve a distraction-free environment for the preaching and teaching of the Gospel.  Volunteers also provide support for the technology needs of the pastors and staff.

John Theilade

The Facilities Deacon oversees the maintenance, repair and improvement of our church property.  John also oversees our janitorial staff and the volunteers who come early and stay late to open and close our facility every time we meet.