Sermons on Acts

Judas Is Replaced

Acts 1:15-26
1. The Fall of Judas
2. The Need for a Replacement
3. Matthias Is Chosen by Lot
1. The practice of religion will not save us.
2. We must repent and surrender all to Christ.
3. God is patient, but there is an end.
4. God is sovereign, His plans will not fail.
5. Major decisions should be made through prayer.
6. We are to serve Christ without seeking the recognition of others.

Dominions Conquered: The New Testament Reality

The one big idea: At the cross Jesus crushed the rebellion and now reigns from heaven to bring glory to his Father through the Spirit empowered work of his people to bring all nations into his kingdom to reign with him forever.
1. The baptism of Jesus put the powers of darkness on notice that God had come down to take back what was rightfully his.
2. Jesus began his destruction of the gates of hell and setting the captives free with Peter’s confession that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the Living God.
3. The cross was the beginning of an unstoppable march across the known world that will result in a global Eden just as God planned.