Infinite Grace......Ultimate Blessing

R-Day: The Conquest Begins

Genesis 11:27-12:9
1. Redemption of creation is required because of the damage caused by the rebellion in the spiritual realm.
2. Never underestimate the impact of the blessings promised to Abraham. They will change everything.
3. The redeemed people of God are the promised New Jerusalem that is now realized in part and will be complete when Jesus returns.


Genesis 9:18-11:26
The One Big Idea: To be named a child of God bestows on every believer the highest value and is the greatest privilege.
1. The only means of salvation, for both Jews and Gentiles, is by God’s gift of faith in Jesus Christ.
2. We do not bring God down to shape him in out image, he brings us up to restore his image in us.
3. Our value is not in the name we make for ourselves but in the name God has written on our hearts and on the hands of his Son.