Sermons on Jesus (Page 3)

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The Ambidextrous Savior

Judges 3:12-31
God often chooses to work in strange ways to show us that His ways are not our ways.
1. In these Old Testament stories, and in our daily lives, we must focus on the salvation God brings, not on the method He chooses.
2. Because we cannot fully grasp the heights of God’s holiness, we will always fail to see the true depths of our sin.
3. Jesus Christ is the final Judge whom God raised up to deliver His people fully and finally from the power of sin.

Look and Live

Guest Speaker Michael Lewis: As judgment for one instance of Israel’s sin in the wilderness, God sent fiery serpents among the people. Those bitten died. When they cried out to Moses, Moses was instructed by God to fashion a bronze serpent and place it on a pole. When it was lifted up, a bite victim…