Sermons on Judgement

When “My Father Was King” Was King

Judges 9:1-57
Danger for God’s people can come from outside and from inside the covenant community.
1. When we fail to honor those who are instruments of God’s grace in our lives, we demean the giver of that grace.
2. Church leadership is a calling, not a convenience. We are to choose the best as defined by God, not just the available .
3. God will, at the right time, cause evil to destroy itself before it can destroy His people.

The character of the people is reflected in the character of the leaders they choose.

Christmas in Judges

Judges 3:7-11 Throughout Judges, when Israel ‘cried out’ to the Lord, it doesn’t necessarily mean they cried out form repentance. Yet God was faithful to deliver them from the oppression He had brought upon them. 1. God’s wrath expressed in consequences for sin shows His steadfast love that will not allow His people to remain…