Sermons on Resurrection

I’ve Got a Secret

Judges 14:1-20
God uses even the worst of our decisions and actions to accomplish His purpose.
1. Secrets destroy relationships and the people who keep them.
2. Secrets don’t remain secret. They become new secrets, and the danger continues.
3. In eternity past, the Triune God secretly planned our redemption and slowly unveiled the secret until the full revelation in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I Will Come To You

John 14:18-24
One Main Idea: Jesus will never leave or forsake His followers. Instead, they will share in His eternal life, and He will dwell within them through His Spirit.
1. Resurection Appearances
2. Eternal Life In Christ
You will also live spiritually
You will also live eternally
3. Increased Revelation of Christ
4. Indwelling Presence of Christ