Light in the Darkness: The Shadow of John 1:5 in Genesis 5-6

Genesis 5:1 – 6:8
The One Big Idea: Our focus must always be on God’s eternal kingdom, not on any worldly kingdom.
1. The unbroken line of Adam through Seth to Jesus assures us that God is faithful to his promise to conquer death.
2. The hatred of God by the fallen spiritual creatures is directed at humanity.
3. God’s light of life continues through Noah until it was fully revealed in Jesus.

Judas Is Replaced

Acts 1:15-26
1. The Fall of Judas
2. The Need for a Replacement
3. Matthias Is Chosen by Lot
1. The practice of religion will not save us.
2. We must repent and surrender all to Christ.
3. God is patient, but there is an end.
4. God is sovereign, His plans will not fail.
5. Major decisions should be made through prayer.
6. We are to serve Christ without seeking the recognition of others.

Family Feud

Genesis 4:1-26
The One Big Idea: Through common grace, God faithfully preserves the redemptive line of the seed of the woman until Christ returns.
1. A redeemed heart offers joyful worship, regular devotions, thoughtful prayer, and willing service out of gratitude to God.
2. Human effort, no matter how advanced, is always spoiled by sin and can never resolve our problems.
3. God’s grace preserved the redemptive line from Eve to the cross and will continue to preserve the line in his church until Christ returns.