Sermons from December 2019

The New Testament Church

Acts 2: 42-47
A model for all Christian Churches
1. Devoted to Spiritual Duties
a. The apostles’ teaching
b. Fellowship
c. Breaking of bread
d. Prayer – corporate
2. Developed Spiritual Attitudes
a. Awe came upon every soul
b. Attesting miracles, signs and wonders
c. Cared for each other
d. Gathered together regularly
3. Resulted In a Spiritual Impact

But God Remembered Noah

Genesis 6:9-9:17
The One Big Idea: God makes a new beginning as he continues building his good kingdom on earth.

1. The more I trust God, the more obedient I become.
2. Noah was the new Adam who points to Christ, but he could not be the last Adam or the promised Christ.
3. The story of the flood is ultimately about God’s faithfulness to his creation and his people.